Our Story 


It all started when…

Following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida one parent saw a post of "What if 50,000 high school students skipped school tomorrow?". Having seen this post, an email was sent out to friends and family to meet at Youthworx that Sunday with their kids, to figure out what in Chapel Hill-Carrboro we could do or if we even wanted to do that. 

The students that gathered on the Sunday following the shooting; were Anna Soderlong, DJ Tanner, Nathan Tanner, Jason Bird, Fiona Park, Lucas Park, Owen Bruce and Katrina Nunez. During our quick one hour meeting, we decided that we wanted to join in the national movement and participate in the March 14th Walkout. We also needed to recruit a bigger group that could help organize this across town. 

We met for 3 consecutive Sundays following that, inviting all of our friends that we could and spreading the word across school. It wasn't an easy process to organize a District Walkout but come March 14th; we had raised enough money for every high schooler to receive an orange t-shirt. These t-shirts were quickly donated from local businesses, organizations, neighborhoods, and from family and friends. 

After March 14th, we saw the energy from the community and all those who were fired up and this wasn't going to go away. So then we have continue to meet forming our towns first youth organization in the efforts to end the mass murder of children along with the hopes to influence local legislation in the General Assembly and educate our community.