Our Impact

We have gain support from the community, especially the Carrboro Aldermens’ (who sponsored shirts), Chapel Hill Town Council, and the principals across all the high schools. It is also to note that neighborhoods, businesses, and individuals who also stepped up in donating to our goal of handing out a free t-shirt to every high school student along with middle schoolers receiving a wristband. 


On March 14th across the three traditional high schools, the names of the victims that were lost in Parkland were read along with a bio, to make it connected to students, humanizing these people, they were just like us. I would like to acknowledge the fourth high school in our district, Phoenix Academy. Instead of reading the names of the victims, we had assembled over 1300 pinwheels to symbolize the children’s lives lost just in the U.S. in 2017 to gun violence. For the designated seventeen minutes they placed these pinwheels on the campus grounds. This took more than twenty-minutes. It highlighted that this is an epidemic that needs to be addressed now.  


We hope to continue our movement in the community and eventually lead our efforts to the general assembly.