The Empower Coalition Collaboration

The success of social movements is because of the voice of our youth. Today,
we partner with the Empower Coalition. As allies, the #EmpowerCoalition works
towards empowering the youth movement across the country. We are 55
national and grassroots organizations rallying together our collective
strengths and resources in service to youth as they power to the polls for the
midterms. #youthempower #empower #youthmovement

We will be one of the groups leading TeamEnough, this team will be headed up by the Brady Campaign. The goal of this group is gun reform in our nation, we will be heading up outreach across the nation. This is a great way to learn about federal laws and how as a country we can work with other groups to achieve the same goal. 

Our group's main mission is to work on local issues in our State along with our town and will continue to do. We are not leaving, we just have another movement that has backed our efforts and want our help in mobilizing the youth across the nation. It is important to join in and get allies who share common values. 

Here is the Press Release from The Empower Coalation 



Max Poteat