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Our Mission:


EnoughCHC is a student led organization which, through identifying systemic problems in our society that perpetuates gun violence, seeks to influence legislation so that communities are protected from the mass murder of children and people of color. 


Our Mission

 i. Enforce Universal Background Checks

 ii. For legislators to reflect the values of the individuals they represent

 iii. Do not arm teachers; brings more guns and fear into the classroom

 iv. Keep weapons of war out of civilian hands



Our Impact

Over the course of two months, we planned and successfully carried out two walkouts. The March 14th Walkout was to stand in solidarity with the victims of Parkland, the community gathered around and donated over $10,000. With that money we bought every staff and student a t-shirt at their high school. Come April 20th, we lead another walkout for the anniversary of Columbine. The primary goal here, was to march off school grounds and gather in a peaceful assembly to voice why we are angry with current gun laws and mental health funding and what our state legislators should be doing to protect us and our communities. 



High Schools 

All of the 4 high schools in the CHCCS District along with Woods Charter and Carolina Friends.



Hundred students interested 

All eager to help out in any way, showed up to protest and organize and now ready to witness some change. 



Thousand dollars Raised

With the help of local businesses, neighborhoods, governments, and through friends and family. 


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